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I chose the theme of using the narrative from the Back to the Future film as a metaphorical journey of the story through time travel.

I watched the film and noted down the key plot lines to give me a comprehensive list of 101 events throughout the film.

1. October 25th 1985
2. Television news story – Plutonium stolen
3. Marty McFly introduced
4. Introduction to Doctor Emmet Brown via phone call
5. 8.25am
6. Marty skateboards to school
7. Meets Jennifer Parker
8. Mr Strickland issues tardy slip
9. Hill Valley preservation society campaign to save clock tower
10. Marty returns home
11. McFly family and Biff Tannen introduced
12. Twin Pines Mall 1.15am – Marty & Doc meet
13. Dolorean unveiled
14. Saturday October 26th 1985 1.18am – First time travel experiment
15. Einstein (dog) in car – experiment takes place
16. 88mph
17. Time travel occurs 1.20am exactly
18. Einstein sent 1 minute into the future
19. Einstein becomes the worlds first time traveller
20. Einstein returns 1.21am
21. Time circuits on
22. Destination time, present time, last time departed
23. Input your destination time on this keypad
24. November 5th 1955 – The invention of time travel
25. Doc reminisces
26. Flux Capacitor – It’s what makes time travel possible
27. 1.21 gigawatts of electricity fuelled by plutonium
28. Radiation suit
29. Libyan Nationalists track Doc down
30. Shoot off occurs
31. Doc is shot several times to the chest
32. Marty escapes in Dolorean
33. Car chase
34. 88mph
35. Time travel occurs
36. November 5th 1955
37. Crashes into barn
38. Arrives at Lyon Estates
39. Car breakdown
40. Hill Valley – A nice place to live
41. Lou’s Café
42. Public Telephone – Brown Emmet L scientist Klondike 5-4385
43. Young Biff Tannen and Young George McFly introduced
44. George and Biff leave café
45. Marty leaves
46. Marty discovers George is a peeping tom
47. George falls from tree
48. Marty pushes George away from oncoming car
49. Car hits Marty
50. Marty awakens in a bed
51. Lorraine Baines is introduced
52. Purple Underwear – Calvin Klein
53. Introduced to Lorraine’s family at dinner
54. Jackie Gleeson Television programme
55. Marty goes to 1640 Riverside Drive
56. Doc answers door
57. Thought experiment starts
58. Marty explains his arrival and time travel
59. Doc and Marty find Dolorean
60. Unable to supply plutonium
61. Bolt of lightning – 10.04pm clock tower
62. Family photograph begins erasing
63. Doc and Marty visit school to change young George’s future
64. Marty introduces young George to young Lorraine
65. Enchantment under the sea dance
66. Young Biff and Marty clash
67. Marty attempts to persuade young George to ask young Lorraine to the dance
68. Darth Vader
69. young George meets young Lorraine at Lou’s Café
70. Young Biff and co chase Marty around Hill Valley
71. Doc watches tapes from the future
72. Doc explains operation clock tower
73. Young Loraine asks Marty to the enchantment under the sea dance
74. Marty sets up an elaborate scene for Young George to impress young Lorraine
75. Hey you! Get your damn hands off her
76. Doc explains to Marty how he can not tell him anything about the future
77. Do Not open until 1985
78. Marty and young Lorraine arrive at the dance
79. Young Biff drags Marty out of the car
80. Marty is locked in Marvin’s trunk
81. Young George and Young Biff clash
82. Biff, you’re gonna break his arm!
83. Marv breaks his hand whilst rescuing Marty
84. Young George knocks out Young Biff
85. Young George and young Lorraine fall in love
86. Marty steps in to play guitar with the band
87. Climax ensues
88. young George and young Lorraine kiss
89. The future is rewritten
90. The family photograph is restored
91. Go Johnny, Go, Go, Go
92. Doc waits for Marty at the clock tower
93. 9.56pm – Marty meets Doc
94. Doc rips up Marty’s letter to him about the future
95. The clock tower cable becomes loose – Doc climbs the tower
96. Marty drives the car up to speed just as the cable is reconnected
97. 10.04pm – Marty is transported back to October 25th 1985
98. Marty revisits the Doc’s shooting at Twin Pines Mall but is too late
99. The Doc is alive from wearing a bulletproof vest – He read Marty’s letter
100. Marty wakes up in his home and his life is back to normal.
101. Doc returns - Roads, where we’re going we don’t need roads.